It's time to stop the waste.

Departing students created 150 000 kg of linen waste last year, just in the Netherlands. Their suitcase size left them no choice. Yet this generation has the greenest mindset so far and is becoming increasingly demanding.

So you need to offer more options.

Options that will match their eco-needs right until their departure.

The key is innovation and the greenest option is upcycling.

starter kit upcyling linen

The challenge of Going Green

We know you're under pressure from stakeholders, students and the government to be greener.

You're already busy with recent challenges, so developing expensive sustainable solutions isn't your focus. Plus, you may not even know where to start.

Upcycling is a fix that cuts down waste by bringing used items back to their original state so they can be enjoyed again. Think of bed sheets in a hotel.
But “Why doesn't everyone already do this?”. The truth is that it's a logistical challenge with many steps that can be hard to implement and to scale.

Our simple sustainable solution: Upcycling

At Starter Kit, we make it simple.

Our upcycled linen is:

Upcycling also means:

Upcycling with Starter Kit means 100% of items are given another shot at life so that you generate zero waste. The result: happy students, happy government, happy stakeholders.

Are you ready to go green ?

An easy cycle

upcycling starter kit


The Upcycling journey starts with sourcing high quality items that can last. Over the years, we've created a range of qualities and materials, so that paired with our advice, you can make the best choice for your students and your organization.


Delivery of a first round of kits at your residency is done while solving what we call “operational headaches”.  Learn more.


Pick-up of round one is done when tenants move out.

We simultaneously deliver new kits for no added logistics.  Learn more.


Upcycling thus begins. After collecting your tenants' bedding, we carefully hand-check each item for broken and non-upcyclable pieces. In our facilities, they go for a sanitizing bath to guarantee total cleanliness before tumble-drying, ironing, final checking, and transferring to your preferred repackaging.

(New) Delivery

With our nearly carbon neutral linen pack ready, new kits can now be delivered for arriving students and the cycle can continue. The best part: just as easy for you.


Showcase your positive impact! We track your eco-progress each season and build a sustainability report for you to share. As long as you inspire others, it's ok to brag a bit, right?

Ready to stop the waste and start Going Green with Upcycling?

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