Our Kits

Customized to your tenants' needs.

The flow of international students is on the rise. A new generation Z is entering studenthood and is more demanding than ever.

Organizations are gearing up and getting ready to offer more services for a fuller experience.

You’re being asked to adapt, and we want to show you how.

Responding to the demand with welcome kits

New student accommodations are offering full service, hotel-like experiences with restaurants, housekeeping and social events. To please the customer, you may have tried to keep up, but often at an expense.

A common offer is to supply Welcome Kits, a great choice for the international student. However, this is operationally expensive, time consuming to coordinate, and deviates efforts from your core business.

Starter Kit simplifies the process for you.

Our solution

We offer wholesale kits to student residencies and perfectly adapted to your needs. Our kits are fully customizable with items for your tenants’ bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more.

Features include:

  • 50+ product range with a variety of qualities
  • High quality bedding to withstand the test of time
  • Fully customizable box to wow your tenants

Special feature during COVID-19:

  • #Safetyfirst Set included in each kit for free. Contains:
    • 10 Disposable Face Masks EN 14683 - 3 Ply
    • 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizers (100ml)

Starter Kit further simplifies your life by including, at no extra cost:

  • Tailored in-room Kit Delivery
  • Pick-up service for old linen and other items
  • Linen Upcycling process to help you go green
  • Student Buddy customer service to enhance the student experience

5 steps to create your kit

  1. Browse our online catalogue to create your kit.
  2. Choose from our pre-selected sets or start from scratch.
  3. Use our team's advice and past data on which products tenants prefer.
  4. Create your perfect box design.
  5. Your Starter Kit is ready to make your tenants happy!

Get started right away by customizing your very own Starter Kit with our online catalogue.

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