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During the current pandemic and more than ever, you need to show unprecedented amounts of flexibility, support and care to your tenants.
Is your organization prepared for that?

Starter Kit could be the solution for you

Our adapted offer in response to COVID-19 includes:


Show how much you care for your tenants by providing them with customized starter kits for a stress-free move-in.

  • Access to 50+ items, customizable on request
  • Design your own branded box
  • COVID-19 measures - 10 faces masks & hand sanitizer in each kit for free
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Adjust to the unprecedented variability in tenants' arrival and reach new levels of flexibility with our tailored delivery services.

  • Easy schedule and re-schedule of deliveries
  • Remove the hassle - Just 1 contact person from order until delivery
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Prepare for the overwhelming flow of questions from your tenants during the move-in period and give them extra psychological support with our Student Buddies.

  • Temporary customer support during peak season available
  • Currently available in 8 languages (English, Mandarin, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch)
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Provide your tenants with carbon-neutral beddings with no added costs or logistics and overcome the challenge of Going Green.

  • Discover our unique-in-the-market Upcycling solution
  • Reduce your tenants linens waste by up to 100%
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Save time, money and even the planet by working with Starter Kit during peak move-in seasons.

Your risk-free guarantees for this pilot:

  • Highly flexible cancellation and order modification policies.
  • You determine how many kits you want to start with.
  • A solid supply chain that ensures you get delivered on time.
  • Love it or leave it - No strings attached

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