Delivery & Pick-Up

Coordinating the tenant change each semester shouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Yet the high seasonality of student residences causes disproportionate operational activity during the tenants arrivals and departures.

Instead, we believe it should be as easy as counting down from 10 and pressing take-off.

starter kit delivery

The operational headache

We’ve learned from experience that this operational attention causes struggle. Your staff’s logistical background isn’t their speciality and they’re asked to adapt when their time is needed most.

We’ve also heard that service you receive is either non-existent or restricted to a minimum. This causes what we call an operational headache.

Our solution

  • Tailored delivery
    Starter Kit takes a new approach with our bespoke delivery service. We establish a tailored plan for each of your residences. The deliveries are not outsourced to other companies and are made by our own team.
  • Item pick-up
    If your kits have items that are applicable for our upcycling process, our team will pick-up all applicable items during the delivery of the new Starter Kits. These items are then taken to our upcycling facilities to be transformed into brand new ones.
  • Real-time tracking interface
    Our team prides itself on efficiency and communication. Our real-time kit tracking interface keeps you connected to the delivery progress while our highly scalable and flexible team can deliver up to 1500 kits per day.

Special feature during COVID-19:

  • Extra flexibility with your delivery:
    • Easy schedule & reschedule of deliveries at no extra costs*
    • Extra flexible cancellation policy*

* = Conditions apply

If they sold operational headache medicine, our delivery service would be the pill.

The kit tracking interface

kit tracking interface

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